VLP Product Line for Harsh Environments

Netzer Precision Position Sensors is pleased to introduce the VLP (Very Low Profile) line of absolute position rotary encoders for harsh environments.

Designed for exposure to the extreme conditions that are prevalent in the Aerospace and Harsh Environment industries, the VLP-60 and VLP-100 encoders provide unparalleled performance while offering high levels of immunity to shocks, vibration, humidity, and extreme temperatures, and can withstand high levels of EMI and RFI interference.

Netzer leverages its patented Electric Encoder™ technology to deliver best-in-class accuracy by combining readings from the entire encoder area. This “holistic” approach offers unparalleled performance and reliability while supporting relaxed installation tolerances under the most demanding operating conditions.

The VLP’s frameless, contact-free design enables Netzer to provide outstanding, no-fail performance in a lightweight (16-42 gr), low-profile (6 mm) encoder that is well suited for demanding Aerospace and Defense applications. Its mechanical simplicity and relaxed installation tolerances allow developers to choose from a wide array of integration techniques.

VLP encoders offer a unique, intrinsic grounding mechanism that utilizes the stator bolt to establish a grounding connection between the sensor and the system chassis – eliminating the need for dedicated grounding wires.

The addition of the VLP series to the Netzer family of rotary encoders is the result of our 20 years of accumulated experience in the design and manufacturing of precision rotary sensors for unique, demanding applications – and follows the successful development of field-proven, customized VLP solutions for our customers.

key Advantages

  • Lightweight, low-profile absolute rotary encoder
  • Frameless, contact-less, two-plate design
  • High resolution and unparalleled precision
  • Extra-wide, hollow floating shaft
  • High level of immunity to extreme temperatures, shock, humidity, EMI, RFI, and magnetic fields
  • Built-in grounding mechanism – no need for wired connection
  • Uses industry-standard communication protocols: SSi, BiSS


Designed for use in Space, Harsh Environment, and Industrial Automation.


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