Main Applications

Harsh Environment Icons Netzer Rotary Encoders

Harsh Environment Encoders

Netzer’s Electric Encoder™ meets the requirements for use in a wide variety of harsh environment applications, including space, avionics and defense.

Industrial Icons Rotary Encoders

Industrial Automation Encoders

Designed with new Q-Core processing, this product line offers cost-effective, OEM position sensors, for industrial and medical robotics, automotive and industrial automation applications.

Medical Icons Netzer Rotary Encoders High Resolution

Medical Robotics Encoders

Designed to comply with ISO 13485 standard for medical devices, Netzer’s Electric Encoders™ provides the reliability, accuracy, and immunity to surgical energy required for your new high-end medical robotic application.

Space icon Rotary Encoder Applications

Space Encoders

Standard and design-to-spec encoders, NASA and ESA compliant with frame-less or encapsulated designs, provide high-precision position sensors for low orbit or deep space missions.