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Space Encoders

Typical Characteristics

Netzer Precision Sensors is offering custom aerospace position sensors for low-orbit & deep-space applications. Space high-resolution encoders are application-dedicated and the specifications and configuration are built in close cooperation with the customer. The aerospace position sensors are based on Netzer Precision Sensors unique capacitive technology which provides high absolute accuracy with extremely high shock and vibration resistance.

Space Encoders : Aerospace Position Sensors

At Netzer Precision Sensors, we leverage our unparalleled capacitive technology to engineer aerospace position sensors that offer exceptional absolute accuracy alongside unparalleled shock and vibration resistance. With our commitment to innovation and reliability, our aerospace position sensors stand at the forefront of space exploration, ensuring precise and reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.

Space encoders are offered in various configurations

  • Absolute analog output (Sine + Cosine in two or three channels)
  • Absolute digital encoders with a resolution of up to 19 bit
  • Combined configuration with separate analog and digital boards to be installed separately
  • Standard component or Mil / EEE / ESA standards. (RoHS Vs Non RoHS)
  • Rad hardened or Non-Rad hardened (45 -100 Krad)
  • Enclosed spindle configuration or “Two plates” contactless configuration

Space Sensor Requirements Capabilities:

Environmental testing

  • Shock – Up to 100 g 10 ms
  • Vibrations
  • Thermal cycles under vacuum (10־⁵ Torr)

Clean-environment components assembly (SMT)

Dedicated mechanical assembly – design, and production

Note: It should be taken into account that some specific configurations might be included under the export control regulations

For more information, please contact Netzer Precision Sensors directly or the nearby authorized distributor

Typical Environment Conditions

  • Supply voltage
    15V ±10% / -15V ±10% / 5V ±5%
  • Current Consumption
    370mA (3.3W) max
  • Analog
    Sine / Cosine
  • Angular resolution
    up to 19 bit
  • Accuracy
  • Maximum usable speed
    1000 RPM
  • Range
    Absolute position single turn
  • Operating temperature range
    -55°C - 125°C
  • Vibration
  • Shock
    up to 100g for 10ms
  • Radiation hardened
    100 KRAD (Non-shielded)
  • Vacuum thermal cycle
    10ˉ⁵ Torr


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