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DS-16 | Absolute Rotary Encoder Hollow Shaft Three-plate


  • Lightweight miniature absolute rotary encoder
  • Hollow floating shaft
  • No bearing or other contacts
  • High precision
  • High tolerance to temperature extremes, shock,
    EMI, RFI and magnetic fields
  • Digital interfaces for absolute position
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* Segmentally enhanced accuracy is available upon request- Contact Netzer for more info.

Technical Data

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  • General

    Angular resolution
    16 bit
    Nominal position accuracy
    Nominal position extended accuracy (EA)
    Maximum operational speed
    4,000 rpm
    Measurement range
    Single turn absolute position
    Build In Test - BIT
    Rotation direction
    Adjustable CW/CCW (Default same direction from bottom side of the encoder)
  • Mechanical

    Allowable mounting eccentricity
    ±0.1 mm
    Allowable axial mounting tolerance
    ±0.1 mm
    Rotor inertia
    11 gr · mm²
    Total weight
    3.1 gr (without connector)
    Outer Ø /Inner Ø/ Height
    16 / 4 / 8 mm
    Material (stator / rotor)
    Ultem™ polymer / TRVX-50
  • Electrical

    Supply voltage
    5V ±5%
    Current consumption
    ~90 mA
    Flex cable, Connector (optional)
    SSi / BiSS-C
    Output code
    Serial output
    Differential RS-422
    Clock frequency
    0.1- 5.0 MHz
    Position update rate
    35 kHz (Optional - up to 375 KHz)
  • Environmental

    IEC 6100-6-2, IEC 6100-6-4
    Operating temperature
    -40°C to +85°C
    Storage temperature
    -50°C to +85°C
    Relative humidity
    98% Non condensing
    Shock endurance / functional
    100 g for 6 ms (per MIL-STD-810G)
    Vibration functional
    20 g 10 - 2000 Hz (per MIL-STD-810G)
    IP 40
OC DS-16