Code of Ethics

All managers and employees of “Netzer Precise Position Sensors” are obliged to maintain and comply with the Code of Ethics at all times when performing actions directly or indirectly related to the company’s activity and to do their utmost to ensure their fulfillment by all those within the company premises.

Upholding the Law

To maintain and respect the provisions of the law, in Israel and abroad.

Safety & Security

To create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. To detect, report, and remove safety hazards or risks and to observe all safety rules for the personal safety of all persons on the company’s premises and those involved in its activities.

Personal and business integrity

To maintain fair and honest personal behavior. Avoid transferring false or misleading information verbally or through reporting. Avoid accepting or giving bribes or any other favor in relation to company business. Comply fully with the company’s procedures. Refrain from any activity in which there is a conflict of interest between the good of the company and its customers.

Respect for others

Respect others regardless of national origin, religion, race, or gender. Refrain from any bullying, harassing, insulting or abusive harassment, including sexual harassment, or discrimination based on any of the above factors.

Protect the company’s assets

To protect the company’s physical and intellectual assets and to exercise caution with respect to technical, business, marketing, or commercial information associated with the company’s activity. Maintain information confidentiality and avoid any unauthorized transfer of information relating to business, marketing, technical, or other company information.


Maintain professional and respectful behavior at all times. Avoid showing arrogance or contempt and maintain order and cleanliness in the workplace. Create a workplace that respects the freedom of thought, and encourages attentiveness, freedom of opinion, cooperation, and accountability.

The Code of Ethics constitutes the moral backbone of Netzer. Keeping and maintaining the code is the basis for the company’s existence and future prosperity as a successful business and as a professional and safe workplace for its employees and those who come through its gates.