High Resolution Absolute Encoder Explained

Most industrial equipment or manufacturing machinery are computer-operated. They require accurate position and motion information to be used in control. Nowadays, even devices used by consumers require the same precision.

So what are high resolution absolute encoders?

Definition and Description

Absolute encoders are categorically rotary or shaft encoders used to determine position and motion of something, so to speak. How an encoder determines the information dictates its type or variations. It also helps you decide which type of encoder will fit your system’s requirements.

Absolute encoders provide accurate information for both speed and position. If you consider interoperability and fail tolerance abover all then Netzer Electric, absolute encoders are perfect for your requirement.

Absolute encoders can either be optical, magnetic or electric. Encoders with optical sensors provide high resolution information compared to the other but its components are susceptible to damage. Magnetic encoder is sensitive to magnetic fields that results in wrong measurements. The Electric encoder is not susceptible to damage and not effected by magnetic fields. The principle to determine position and speed is basically the same. Using an integrated reference, an absolute encoder can deliver high-quality and precise feedback.

The benefits of a Netzer high resolution absolute encoder are:

  • Higher resolution and orientation
  • Improved start up performance
  • Accurate motion detection
  • Multiple output protocols
  • Better electronics integration
  • Improved failure tolerance.

Absolute encoders use binary coding when sending data to the system. It offers more output options because the coding can be translated into many output protocols.

Netzer’s High Resolution Absolute Encoders

The high resolution absolute encoder will work without additional external components. On its own, it understands the positioning information and does not rely on other electronics to provide a reference for position.

This means, it can be applied in Automated industries, machines that manufacture parts, , robotics,joints and manipulators,, positions multiple stabilizers accurately in  satelites, aerial lifts, pedestals, gimbals  and more.

Netzer offers high resolution absolute encoders that are highly reliable and vibration resistant with low dependence on temperature changes. Positioning accuracy is this type of encoder’s obvious strength, especially when compared to incremental encoders. Netzer maximizes this advantage further.

The  technology combines the position accuracy of an absolute encoder to the precision control benefits of a high resolution encoder with a resolution of >10,000cpr and often >100,000cpr. These features allow accurate control even at low speeds.

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