Encoder Gimbal Motor

What are Encoders for Gimbals

In case you didn’t know, gimbals are pivoted support, which makes the rotation of an object about at least one axis, possible. Gimbals are used on mobile platforms such as ships, drones, etc. They are essential for helping stabilized cameras and other video capturing devices move from left to right, upwards, and downwards over a partial or full 360-degree rotation.

Encoders installed on the gimbal axes provide information about the camera orientation relative to the platform.

Comparison of Non-Encoder Configuration to with Encoder Configuration

Short focal length camera mounts can function regularly without encoders. For medium to long focal length cameras, encoders for gimbal motor are essential.

The only probably advantage of having a non-encoder gimbal system is that the mechanics and electronics remain simple. But this is only applicable to individual consumer use.

Netzer’s Electric Encoders™ offers a combination of the best features of encoders with optical or magnetic sensors.

While making use of advanced technology, the Electric Encoders™ is simple to use, durable, and robust having virtually no failure- mechanism.

Netzer Electric Encoders™ feature high customizability, high-speed options, a wide range of diameters low profile, low power, and several communication protocols – which make them beneficial to many possible applications.

Benefits of Encoder for Gimbal Systems

If installed and used properly, encoders for gimbal systems can provide a very smooth return after disturbance. Motors will not skip steps and the movement area of the axis can be significant with encoders.

When on follow mode, there will be no yaw drifting. Plus, the gimbal can be controlled related to the frame.

Despite the above encoders by themselves, do not provide inertial pointing stabilization which is the task of the gyroscopes – rate sensors. Also, encoders will not solve mechanical issues such as compliant structures. The gimbal itself and its other components should be solid and well-working.

Let us know how we can improve your gimbal system even further with precision Netzer products.

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