NEW – VLP Product Line

Netzer is pleased to announce the addition of four new sizes of  Netzer encoders
Now the successful VLP encoder is available in 6 different sizes:







The VLP series are rotary encoders with a hollow shaft ideal for diverse applications and environments.

We have improved their performance and they are now available with the following improvements:

  •  All of our VLP encoders are now more accurate (with Extended Accuracy as a standard feature)
  • Extended operating temperature range to -40° to +105°C
  • Exceptionally low-temperature drift across the full operational temp range
  • Better velocity feedback for the application

All these improvements, in addition to the inherent small mass, low height factor, magnetic immunity, and robust design makes any of the VLP encoders the right choice of encoders for demanding harsh-environment applications.

Want to know more about our products? You are more than welcome to contact our experts they will be happy to assist you and guide you to the right product!

VLP Rotary Encoder Hollow Shaft Product Line