SPS Expo 2022

High-performance rotary encoders for industrial automation

Automation robots and cobots have become an integral part of everyday life. They perform monotonous and strenuous tasks in manufacturing and logistics, such as assembly processes, transporting goods, and heavy lifting, with speed and efficiency.

The low-profile, highly compact dimentions fits the robotic joint’s demanding design and can be used both for position feedback and optimizing the frameless motor’s commutation while enabling the passage of leads through the hollow shaft.

Introducing the VLX-100, a small rotary encoder with a hollow shaft two plate, ideal for precise, stable industrial performance. With advanced Q-Core processing, Netzer offers a comprehensive range of high-precision OEM position sensors for automotive, medical, robotics, and industrial automation applications.

Our range of industrial automation solutions, including the VLX-100, will be on display at SPS.

Pay us a visit at stand 4A-610 

Nuremberg, Germany, 08-10 Nov. 2022

SPS expo2022 Rotary Encoders