Absolutely the smallest encoder ever – DS-16

Netzer announces it’s latest groundbreaking achievement inaccuracy to size ratio, with the release of the new DS-16 mini encoder  – the smallest, fully digital absolute rotary encoder. The DS-16 highlights Netzer’s ability to reduce the size and weight while maintaining high performance and rugged design.

DS-16 main features

• Small size – Ø 16 mm
• Low profile – 8 mm
• lightweight – 3 gr
• Accuracy – 0.035°
• Resolution – 16 bit
• Rugged design for harsh environment
• Full digital SSi/BiSS output

Want to know more about our encoder? You are more than welcome to contact our experts they will be happy to assist you and guide you to the right product!

Robotic Hand DS-16 | 3 plate ring | rotary encoder