Position sensors for accurate solutions

The sensors market is a vast and popular market, among many automation industries. There are many kinds of sensors that apply various solutions, depending on the kind of production line and professional necessities. Capacitive Position Sensors for example measure the distance or location of objects, and are also used to measure length or height.

Position sensors are often being used in various automation industries. There are two kinds of position sensors: touch based sensors (encoder, LVDT, etc.) and touch-free based sensors (laser, magnetic, etc.). Position sensors can identify certain lengths, and convert it to code. It can also be used for adjusting liquids to specific containers. Another use for position sensors is measuring power level in electric circles, and set a defined frame of frequencies, for example, in the music industry. Position sensors of LVDT type are perfect for measuring limited lengths. They are optimal for micro distance measuring, and are based on the technology of magnetic fields.

Perfect for various industries

Position sensors are a perfect solution for many industries. It is used in military industry, medical industry, aerodynamic industry, music industry, automation industry, and many more. There are various kinds of position sensors, including sensors that are specifically suitable for harsh environmental conditions, including protection from explosions. There are also miniature models that are very useful in narrow and crowded work environments. It is highly recommended to advice with a professional in the field of sensors, to get the most affective and accurate result for your business, and adjust the right sensor for you.

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Position sensors for accurate solutions