New – VLR-100 Absolute Rotary Encoder

Introducing Netzer’s Advanced Precision Angular Position Sensor for Harsh Environment Applications

Netzer is excited to unveil the  VLR-100 rotary encoder, our latest development in precision angular position measurement technology. The VLR-100 absolute rotary encoder is designed to meet the needs of various industries, combining durability, advanced performance features, and ease of use, even in the most challenging environments.

Key Features

  • High Reliability in Extreme Environments: The VLR-100 employs non-contact, capacitive technology, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions, which is crucial for industries facing challenging environments.
  • Wide Application Across Industries: If it’s new, how can it be “proven”? The VLR-100 is particularly valuable in defense and heavy machinery sectors and is suitable for applications like drilling machines, cranes, turret control, and many others.
  • Durability and Ease of Installation: The VLR-100’s wear-free design eliminates the need for bearings or couplings, making it a low-maintenance and easy-to-install solution.

Advanced Technical Features

  • Hollow Bore and Low-Profile Form Factor: These design aspects enhance the usability and efficiency of the VLR-100 in various applications.
  • Temperature-Stable Measurement Performance: Ensures consistent accuracy even in long-period, fluctuating environmental conditions.
  • Digital Output with Multiple Communication Protocols: Including BiSS-C and SSI, adding to the encoder’s technical versatility.
  • Higher Accuracy and Precision: Tailored for precision-demanding applications, offering superior measurement accuracy.

Additional Benefits

  • Rugged Housing and Protected Electronics: Designed to withstand tough conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Extended OD/ID Ratio and Serviceable Design: Offers flexibility in installation and maintenance, even in encapsulated designs.
  • EMI Improved Immunity: Ideal for systems with grounded shafts, providing enhanced resistance to electromagnetic interference.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Including clamps or direct mounting, similar to bearings, for simpler and more adaptable installation.

The VLR-100 rotary encoder is more than just a sensor; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of your harsh environment application. Whether in defense, heavy machinery, or other industries, the VLR 100 stands out for its reliability, technical prowess, and ease of use.

Ask us about how the VLR-100 can transform your precision measurement needs.

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