Encoders in Robotics: A Brief Introduction

Encoders are usually found in a lot of machinery. In robotics, an encoder is usually attached to the part where there is a need to measure a rotating object such as an arm or wheels. Position encoders in robotics are absolutely necessary. These sensors determine position, motion control, and orientation. Contactless magnetic encoders are used in a variety of robotic applications.

Some of the uses of encoders in robotics include determining motion position, control of joint position, measurement of linear extension, gripper and finger feedback, and force feedback. All these uses are helpful and can be applied in various robotic applications in the manufacturing industry, medicine, deep underwater exploration, home-assistance, and the oil and gas industry.

The encoders designed by Netzer Precision are meant for many specialized applications requiring high-precision and accurate positioning. Using the all-original Electric Encoder technology, the encoders in robotics designed by the company has several advantages that make them a cut above the rest of other available encoders in the market. The breakthrough technology gives absolute position. It has a continuous, smooth output signal which is proportional to the SINE and COSINE of the measured rotary displacement. Therefore the output signals give the absolute rotary position without any movement at all. Advanced calibration and monitoring are available through the Electric Encoder Explorer software. The software, which is a tool that comes along with an encoder, facilitates mechanical mounting, offsets calibration, and has advanced signal monitoring. In order to understand the repeatability, accuracy, and precision of the encoder, read Application Note 05, which can be downloaded from the company website.

For more information regarding encoders used in robotics, contact Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd. at their company headquarters, telephone number +972 4 999 0420. The website also provides customer and technical information. The company has offices around the world and are able to serve companies on a global scale.