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    In today’s robotic surgical incision processes, scalpel blades are no longer in use. Instead, the incision is done by Electro-Surgery which is a high-frequency (radio frequency) alternating polarity, electrical current, which is directed into the tissue

    Electro-Surgery causes less bleeding as the emitted surgical energy enables to seal of blood vessels as part of the incision process, vaporizes dead and unwanted tissues, and desiccates swollen and moist organs, with the controlled heat of the surgical energy.

    This surgical energy is a new and challenging noise source that must be handled correctly by the sensitive servo system and especially by the high-level position sensors of the surgical robots.

    As Netzer’s capacitive Electric Encoders are inherently designed to operate in environments with high signal noise, whether electrical or magnetic field, the DS and VLX line of rotary encoders products are practically immune to this challenging noise.

    Our encoders enable the designers of electro-surgery devices to use the small, robust and reliable DS and VLX encoders without the need of add special protection elements against strong magnets and coils used to generate the surgical energy.


    • Immunity to Surgical Energy
    • Hollow shaft & low profile
    • High precision
    • Built-In-Test (BIT) functionality
    • References in the field for a simple FDA approval


    • Netzer DS-16 and DS-40 absolute position rotary Electric Encoders™ are incorporated in FDA-approved robotic arms and master/controller parts of robots, with an accuracy better than 0.02deg.
    • Compact form, low profile, lightweight, and hollow-shaft: Allow easy integration into a low-profile arm joint and controller design.
    • Frame-less and contact-less with a negligible weight introducing no extra inertia(load) to the robotic system, resulting in long-lasting operational life.
    • Immunity to magnetic interference: This can be located very close to the frameless-motor magnets.
    • High resolution in the range of 16 to 20 bit, and accuracies in the range of 0.01 to 0.02 deg, allow for smooth rotation with high repeatability of no more than 1 count.
    • The DS & VLX encoders are Smart Sensors featuring special safety algorithms with real-time BIT (Built-In Test) over SSI or BiSS, zero position assignment, and more.


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