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Netzer- support

Laser Scanner & Projection system


2 degree-of-freedom scanning & Laser projecting system. This system can be used in numerous indoor applications including construction, overhaul, and more. 


  • Extreme accuracy & resolution to size ratio
  • Fast & easy integration 
  • Low profile
  • Hollow shaft
  • Working in various temperatures


  • Netzer VLX-60 Absolute Position Electric Encoderincorporated on the load with a close-by frame-less motor and servo drive.
  • Compact, low profile, lightweight & wide bore: Allowing high level & easy integration for a low profile design.
  • Frame-less & contact-less with a negligible rotor weight: No mechanical parts operating, resulting in a long-lasting operational time, introducing no extra weight & inertia (load) to the system.
  • Immune to magnetic interference: Can be very close to the frame less-motor magnets.
  • High resolution 18-20 bit & accuracy < 0.010deg for smooth and high accuracy rotation with high reputability of 1 count.
  • Standard digital serial interfaces, SSi, BiSS.
  • Special safety algorithms with real-time BIT (Built-In Test) over SSI or BiSS

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