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Gimbals Optical Electro


  • ground, aerial for gimbals optical Electro night and day deliver missions marine and targeting & surveillance.
  • intelligence fast stabilized deliver to have systems These
  • the in motion Elevation & Azimuth slow and including conditions environment harshest all and temperatures and vibrations, shocks .weight and footprint smallest the within


  • shaft Hollow
  • precision High
  • weight low
  • profile Low
  • EMC and fields magnetic to Resistance
  • absolute Netzer of line DF & DS popular Most
  • .TMEncoder Electric position
  • :bore wide & lightweight, profile low, Compact•
    size small a for level integration high Allowing
    .design system
    accurate very for resolution and precision High•
    .pointing range long and motion slow
    and more or resolution bit 18 popularly Most
    .less and accuracy 10mDeg

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