Harsh Environment Rotary Encoders

Harsh Environment Encoders

Agricultural Robotics

Case Study

The world of agriculture is getting more and more dependent on robots to pick up premium and delicate crops, handle seedlings, and dust flowers while replacing costly seasonal manpower.

For this purpose, the robotic equipment must be small, lightweight, and cost-efficient, while delivering precision performance under harsh field conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity levels with minimal maintenance requirements.

Netzer’s line of DS Electric Encoders enables designers of agricultural robots to incorporate into their design the small, lightweight, and robust line of rotary encoders, providing accurate and reliable angular position measurements of the multiple joints in every arm of a such robot, in the demanding environment of agricultural fields, plantations or enclosed greenhouses.


  • Smart robots operate in dense and harsh environments.
  • These systems have to deliver good performance in a very small footprint and while withstanding harsh conditions.


  • Low profile, small diameter, and hollow shaft
  • High precision and resolution
  • Low weight
  • Immunity to magnetic fields interference and EMC


  • The DS-25 Electric Encoder as well as other small-size DS series encoders.
  • The DS-25’s compact form, low profile, lightweight, and wide bore allow easy integration into small robotic systems.
  • High precision and resolution for very accurate slow-motion measurements in all multiple joints for excellent gripping accuracy.
  • Usually, these robotic applications require a 17-19 bit or better resolution and 10mDeg or better accuracy.
  • Frameless and contactless with negligible weight, introducing no extra inertia (load) to the robotic system.
  • Maintains accuracy under extreme weather conditions and at high vibration levels.
  • The DS series is Smart Sensors featuring real-time BIT (Built-In Test) over SSI or BiSS, zero position assignment, and more.

Do you want to know which absolute rotary encoder best suits your application? Contact our engineers for further information.


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