An Overview of Absolute Shaft Encoders

Absolute encoders are mechanically differentiated into two main mounting styles. Frameless Encoders and Shaft Encoders. Shaft encoders are a type that is coupled to a motor shaft or by other mechanical transmission methods. Absolute shaft encoders are considered a preferred choice especially when the open frameless design is not suitable due to their inherent low IP rating.

An absolute rotary shaft encoder can be mechanically designed to withstand any sealing rating for very harsh environments that are sometimes required in the oil and gas, ground-military, aerospace, and homeland security sectors.

Another distinct advantage the shaft encoder can offer is a relatively high performance in relation to a relatively tolerant installation due to the encoder’s high-quality pre-installation inside the encoder housing and bearings.

The inherent disadvantage of the shaft encoder is, naturally, its size and the relative complexity to be delivered with a hollow shaft structure.

Netzer Precision, a company dedicated to bringing the advantages of its proprietary technology to as many applications as possible, provides superior quality absolute shaft encoders alongside its vast offering of frameless encoders for use in a wide range of industries.

Generic and released shaft encoders



Other models per request can be designed or modified per requirements.

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