An Overview of Absolute Shaft Encoders

Absolute encoders can have different mounting styles. Encoders that are mounted on a motor shaft give positioning feedback. Absolute shaft encoders work well in situations wherein there is a need for accuracy in both speed and position.

An absolute rotary shaft encoder can be used in various applications when there is little fail tolerance and where high resolution is needed. It is usually used in the medical field, oil and gas, military, aerospace, and homeland security sectors.

For an absolute position rotary shaft encoder to work, it should have a combination of high-resolution and precision, low profile, low weight, and high reliability.

Netzer Precision, a company dedicated to bring the advantages of its proprietary technology to as many applications as possible, provides superior quality absolute shaft encoders for use in various industries. This ISO certified and REACH compliant company take pride in their Electric Encoder technology, an unparalleled design that offers low profile, simple, robust structure with high customizability.

Some of the advantages of this technology cannot be seen anywhere else. For one thing, it has generous mounting tolerance, a very low weight, inertia, and profile, and an absolute position output over 3600 rotation range.

Inside the rotary encoder, an internally generated space/time modulated electric field makes contact with a specially-made rotor. This rotor is made up of a dielectric composite material. What makes the technology durable is its holistic rotor area. This means that the electric field is integrated over the entire rotor area and the resulting signal is processes over a common channel.

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