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    An Introduction to Non-contact Position Sensors

    Non-contact position sensors, also known as Contactless and/or Frameless Encoders, are considered to be a more niche type due to their special structure.


    The main goal of adopting such a structure of Encoder is in order to reduce the total system size and weight without compromising on performance. Moreover, as there is no mechanical contact between the stationary and moving parts, there is no wear and therefore, MTBF and lifetime are enhanced.

    In such an Encoder structure, the static part of the Encoder would be connected to the system housing and the rotor to the moving part or the load side of the system. Directly coupling with the load part of the system enhances the ability to achieve higher system accuracy.

    Netzer Precision manufactures an entire product line of frameless/contactless / hollow-shaft position encoders that meets any industry requirements. Originally planned by the company founder to withstand extreme conditions, the way that these encoders are originally designed meets the demands of critical applications amidst challenging environments.

    These types of sensors have non-contact displacement sensing over small ranges with high resolutions. Allowable mounting eccentricity and axial tolerance are ±0.1 mm while maintaining performance, therefore it is a preferred choice of mounting tolerance Vs. performance. This is achieved by the Holistic sensing capability that capacitive encoders inherently exhibit.

    The ability to sense continuously throughout the entire infrastructure all along the operation stage enables both tolerant mounting and high performance. In order to understand the Holistic feature more deeply, please read our Application note.

    Alongside non-contact encoders, many contacts or housed encoders can be found in the market. The main target is usually to allow simple integration with the existing shaft. In the high-performance market, sometimes it is quite difficult for the system integrators to facilitate the precise (and therefore expensive) mechanics required in order to achieve and maintain the required accuracy performance. Therefore, in some of the systems, a shaft or housed encoder might be chosen.

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