All about High Resolution Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoders usually give back accurate information for both speed and distance for mechanical or electronic systems. High resolution incremental encoders usually improve the accuracy of the entire system. There are various resolutions available for rotary encoders.

Incremental encoders usually produce a torrent of binary pulses which are relative to the rotation of a driven shaft or a motor. Encoder resolution is highly critical because it will be able to provide the needed results in order to aid in effective positioning. There are several applications that specifically need a high-resolution incremental rotary encoder, mostly in the industrial or heavy-duty settings and difficult environments.

Netzer Precision, a company dedicated to manufacturing high performance encoders, provides high resolution incremental encoders to a worldwide market. The company provides devices that have better electronics integration and more accurate detection of speed and distance even on multiple axes.

Created with the patented Electric Encoder, which was designed by Netzer founder Mr. Yishay Netzer, the high resolution incremental rotary encoders do not require a homing procedure upon start-up, unlike other optical or magnetic encoders available today. They are designed with a simple, robust structure that has a guaranteed no-failure mechanism. The allowable mounting eccentricity is +-0.1mm and the allowable rotor axial moyion is also +-0.1 mm.

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd has a number of high resolution incremental rotary encoders available in its arsenal, and aside from its high resolution, they are also notable for their high precision. They have no bearing or other contact and have a high tolerance to temperature, shock, EMI, RFI, and magnetic field. If you wish to know more about which encoders are most suitable for your project, then contact their corporate headquarters at Tel. +972-4-999-0420. Their customer support team will answer your queries and give you more information. Netzer Precision also has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.