Using Small Encoders

Encoders are utilized in various applications around the world. In simple terms, an encoder is defined as a sensor that gives feedback on direction, count, speed, or position. It may sound simplistic, but encoders are used in various industries that have complex technology and machinery. Encoders usually create a special signal and depending on its application, it may emit either an absolute or incremental signal.

Just as encoders are used in large-scale equipment in the aviation or defense sectors, a small encoder may also be used. These miniature encoders are usually applied in areas that need very precise feedback such as industrial automation or medical robotics.

A small encoder usually has the same feature as its larger counterpart. In fact, these compact encoders need to be more robust and durable and should be able to withstand harsh environments. Long-term reliability

Netzer Precision is a company that designs and manufactures encoders. They are able to provide small encoders using the same unparalleled technology that it is known for. The encoders manufactured by Netzer have long-term reliability and high-precision due to its robust construction. Using the proprietary technology called Electric Encoder, these non-contact devices have a hollow, floating shaft and have no bearings or other contacting elements.

Netzer Precision’s ring-shaped, hollow shafts come in a wide range of diameters, including very small encoders. These encoders, despite their size, have a wide variety of position feedback protocols and ultra-high speed options. The small encoders also have no magnetic signature and have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, harsh conditions, and other environmental contaminants.

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