Shaft Encoder

What’s the Use of a Hollow Shaft Encoder in Rotary Encoders?

A rotary encoder works by mounting it to a motor using a shaft. An encoder would have a fixed housing that has a rotor wheel which is either detached or integrated within the housing with bearings. This wheel revolves around the shaft and the rotations are the basis of what determines the speed, position, and other information on the motion. How the encoder is attached will make a big difference in the physical design of its application.

One of the lowest overhead and lowest stress options for an encoder is a hollow shaft encoder. This type of design makes everything quite simple because hollow shaft encoders are compact and adjustable. They are also very versatile. An absolute Netzer electric encoder with hollow shaft encoder offers simplicity because it has a very low profile, typically 10 mm. Hollow shaft absolute encoders are easier to install, easier to position and to align. A hollow shaft encoder also offers moderate resistance against shock and vibration. In addition to its low profile it does not require the extra axial length that would otherwise be needed by means of shaft coupling.

A hollow shaft encoder is also environment tolerant and is ideal for heavy duty applications. That means it’s great for industrial use. Hollow shaft encoders are one of the most preferred types for speed feedback because of their reliability in performance. Although there are other options to mount an encoder, what should dictate the style that you choose should be the environment.  Due to its lack of bearings a hollow shaft encoder is the best choice when speed is a crucial factor. The same is true when size and simplicity are integral to the design of the application. You should also consider contaminants in the environment such as shock, moisture, and particules.

The DS – 70 has a wide bore of 30mm and this rotary ring encoder LED is immune to magnetic fields. It has a 19 bit resolution with an accuracy of <10 mdeg. It has an IP40 protection and shock endurance of 100g for 11ms.

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