Robust Encoders Available

Robust encoders are manufactured for the explicit purpose of being use in harsher environments, where it calls for measuring systems that are highly-advanced and which provides precise feedback on speed and position. These are types of encoders that are so durable and reliable that they do your work for you year after year.

Netzer designs and manufactures robust encoders that have a number of excellent features such as a simple structure, no-failure mechanism, generous mounting tolerances, and very low weight, inertia, and profile. These exceptional features are incomparable with the other encoders in the market. These types of encoders are specially created for use in such industries as chemical and food processing, mines, ship-building, and others.

And because it is made by Netzer Precision Motion Sensors, an organization known for its high-quality encoders, you can be assured that these encoders have no magnetic signature, a high tolerance to condensation and contaminants, a high level of resistance to harsh environmental conditions, and high customizability. Although they offer standard selections, if the requirements do not fit your company’s application, they will be able to customize it for you. It also has low power consumption and ultra-high-speed options. Additionally, their robust encoders have adjustment functions that come in a compact unit.

Every encoder manufactured by the company has the patented Electric Encoder technology originally conceived by its founder Nishay Netzer. Having this technology means that the encoder is very accurate. It also has a high resolution and an absolute position with miniature to wide diameter hollow shaft. Because one of their missions is to bring this technology to various applications, it strives to provide companies worldwide with great service and they also continuously innovate their products. For product details or inquiries, call Netzer Precision Motion Sensors at Telephone number +972-4-999-0420. Come check out other product information on their website.