Electric Encoders

Vibration Tolerance Encoders and Shock Tolerance Encoders Explained

Encoders are used in so many applications and environments. An environment that exposes your equipment to vibration and shock requires especially durable components.

If you are using a measuring device, a pointing device or any instrument that requires encoders, it is advisable to use vibration tolerance encoders and shock tolerance encoders. They are specifically designed to withstand harsh application environments.

Knowing the Application Environment is Important

The application environment is where you use your instrument or equipment. It includes the conditions in which your device performs.

Vibration and shock are common in most industrial environments. Exposing your device to such conditions can affect its performance and at worse, damage your device altogether.

This is why knowing what conditions or environment your device will be exposed to is important. Part of planning what type of parts and components you will be using in your project is knowing how it will be used.

When it comes to encoders, it will be helpful to know the application environment to also know what type of encoders you will need. The condition you subject this component to will directly affect its performance.

The components of an encoder,    are susceptible to damage in harsh environments. For example, optical sensors. They may provide high resolution, but they are easily damaged by shock and vibration.

Instead of using optical sensors, your best choice is an Electric Encoder . It has a more robust design and can withstand harsh application environments, and, as opposed to a magnetic encoder, it is not effected by magnetic fields

Encoders for your Project Requirements

Using encoders and position sensors in high shock or vibration environments must be properly rated. You must select an encoder or sensor rated for that specific environment.

If you are using components that are not properly rated for extreme vibration and shock, expect failure of your equipment’s overall performance. This scenario often ends up with poor performance, output errors and component failure which also lead to additional project expenses.

Avoid additional cost caused by exposing encoders to the harsh environments of consumer and industrial applications. Netzer’s vibration and shock tolerant sensors and encoders are designed to withstand greater than 100 g’s of shock or over 10 g’s of vibration.

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