Position and Motion Sensors

Position and motion sensors are currently used in many applications worldwide. Many companies and industries have been relying on this technology for several years now, and they have now become staples in many devices that are used in various industries.

Position sensors give information on the exact location a given position starting from a reference point. They are widely used in industries such as medical equipment, packaging machines, aircraft systems, and injection molding machines. Motion sensors are used to detect movement using active detectors such as radio waves or passive detectors such as infrared energy levels. They are usually applied in the military, building security, ticketing gates, automated sinks, toilets, and hand dryers, and automatic doors.

Netzer Precision is a company dedicated to manufacturing high-performance position and motion encoders using its proprietary technology which was expressly developed by its founder Mr Yishay Netzer. The 21st century Electric Encoder technology, first meant for harsh environments, can be used in many industries. One of the salient features of the Electric Encoder is its non-contact technology. This is dependent upon the interaction between a space/time modulated electric field and measured displacement. The company has a diverse product range, and the team can even customize according to the customer’s specifications. The aim of the company is to provide a product that has a stronger performance, increased safety, and more efficient productivity levels.

Other benefits of this technology are the following: it has high mechanical durability, high tolerance to mechanical installation, and a wide temperature operation range.

If you are curious to know more about Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd and their product offerings, you may contact them at telephone number +972-4-999-0420. This is the number of their corporate headquarters which is located in Israel. For more information or to request for a price quote on any of their products, send an email to