Low-Power Demand Encoder

Encoders are now widely used in a variety of industrial applications from the aviation industry, military industry, the field of medicine, manufacturing, and even in retail merchandising and amusement parks.

Since encoders produce either incremental or absolute signals and should be able to indicate precise positions and motions, many people think that they generate high power consumption. However, there are minimal power demand encoders available.

Netzer Precision, a designer and manufacturer of encoders based in Israel, provides encoders with performance features never-before-seen by the competition. The Electric Encoder technology has two modes of operation. The way it does signal conditioning is by digitizing and processing the output analog signals. The generated output signals are near-perfect. Despite this great technology, the encoders are designed with a simple mechanical and electrical interface. This means that it requires minimal power consumption. These low-power demand encoders have high mechanical durability and high tolerance to mechanical installation errors.

With the unique technology provided by Netzer Precision, customers are guaranteed high-precision and reliability no matter what application they use it for. It also generates low power consumption. Despite its superb features such as ultra-high-speed options, a wide variety of position feedback protocols and dual and triple redundancy options, the fact that they manufacture low-power demand encoders is a big advantage.

For a detailed explanation of how encoders work and how the Electric Encoder technology operates, check out the Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd website. The company has provided adequate information on its products and the technology that goes with it. With headquarters in Israel, Netzer Precision also has a worldwide presence. For inquiries, you may call telephone number +972 4 999 0420. Email address is For their North American offices, you may call telephone number 856-727-9500 (Pennsylvania, USA) and telephone number 905-850-7447 (Ontario, Canada).