Encoders that have High Tolerance to Different Environments

Encoders can either be used in precision industries where position and displacement are extremely crucial, or in extreme environments that have varying temperatures and environmental conditions.

One feature that makes encoders extremely effective and durable is its tolerance to various temperatures. Encoders for wide temperature range are crucial for applications in industries that have a lot of outdoor activities such as oil rigs, aeronautics, military, security, and defense. In the same way, encoders should be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions like shock, vibrations, and magnetic fields. Encoders for extreme environmental conditions are essential in many industries. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, encoders are operated in hazardous and inhospitable environments where drilling and mining take place. Therefore encoders must be able to work in extremely hot and humid areas as well as freezing conditions. We can see here that encoders must be able to withstand dirty, hostile places but still work precisely and accurately.

Netzer Precision, a leading designer and manufacturer of performance precision encoders, uses an original technology, the Electric Encoder that was developed initially for the defense market. Because of this, it has an unparalleled list of features that no other company has. Do not be deceived by its simple mechanical and electrical interface. It has a wide temperature operating range and has a hollow, floating shaft which is ideal for different environmental conditions.

The Electric Encoder is particularly immune to environmental contaminants and moisture conditions due to its robust construction. It even performs well when immersed in oil and in humid and wet conditions. The encoder can even be designed by Netzer Precision to operate from cryogenic temperature from 1250C and above.

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