Encoders for Vacuum Applications

For high-precision encoders especially meant for vacuum applications, check out the top-notch products manufactured by Netzer Precision Motion Sensors, Ltd. The company develops a broad range of encoders using their proprietary technology, adhering to 21st century systems.

Netzer’s high-precision rotary encoders are available in standard and customized applications. These encoders are also made available for various applications such as defence, homeland security, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Within strict manufacturing conditions, Netzer has supplied encoders for vacuum applications to satisfied customers around the world. Usually, during production for encoders for vacuum applications, the level of automation is increased to make it more suitable for its typical use, which is in coating silicon wafers in the semiconductor sector.

When an encoder is customized for vacuum compatible electronics, it should have no airbags with a compact, highly-accurate design. These types of encoders must also withstand the high demands of physically demanding environments. This means that the model is highly tolerant to temperature, shock, EMI, RFI, and magnetic fields. Its shock endurance is 100 g for 11 ms and its vibration endurance is 20 g 10 – 2000 Hz.

Many encoder models have a precision to 0.0010. For encoders which are meant to be operated in a vacuum, there are various customization models available, all manufactured with the patented, state-of-the-art technology which cannot be matched by any competing technology. The patented Electric Encoder technology of Netzer relies on the special interaction between space/time modulated electric field and measured displacement.

The company has a full customer support team on hand to assist customers with their various queries or if they need help with payment, shipment, and warranty information. The website has specific information on all its products. For more data and to ask for price quotations, call Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd. at Tel. +972-4-999-0420 today.