Encoders for Pedestals Explained

Some encoders are mounted on bearing pedestals. This requirement is based on its intended application. Encoders for pedestals work the same way as other encoders, but they are only mounted on a special manually-operated pedestal. In this type of set-up, the encoders continue to track position accurately.

Netzer Precision, a leading manufacturer and designer of encoders, provides different types of mounting options, including encoders for pedestals to suit any type of requirement. They offer standardized encoders, but the encoders are also highly customizable in order to tailor-fit them to any type of application.

With their patented Electric Encoder technology, their encoders, whether they emit absolute or incremental signals, have a virtually no-failure mechanism. The simple, robust structure of the encoders ensures maximum performance encased in a non-complex mechanical and electrical interface. The structure of the encoders is part of its effectiveness: it has a hollow, floating shaft with no bearings, flexible couples, or glass discs. Since there is an absence of these components, it has very low weight and it generates low power consumption. The encoders created by Netzer Precision are also not affected by harsh environmental conditions and outside contaminants. Its robust construction guarantees that it will perform even in the harshest of conditions.

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd is an ISO certified and REACH compliant company. Its main mission is to share the Electric Encoder technology to the world. The company headquarters is located in Misgav Industrial Park, Israel. For inquiries, call telephone number +972 4 999 0420 or send an email at The company has a global presence. If you are in Europe, you may get in touch with the office in Germany (, Spain (, Scandinavia ( and Italy ( In Asia, it has offices in India, Japan, China, South Korea, and Turkey. Its North American offices are in Pennsylvania, USA and Ontario, Canada. Check out the company website for contact information.