Encoders for Medical Applications

Absolute encoders are utilized to define the exact position or speed of an object; it usually has high overall resolution and accurate motion detection. These types of encoders are used medical imaging technologies in order to produce precise images of internal parts of the body. Therefore, an encoder for medical applications should have a wide range of resolutions and preside positioning. Encoders are also used for a more specialized area of surgery, which is medical robotics. An encoder for medical robotics requires extreme precision and should guarantee an absolute position. A wide variety of position feedback protocols is also critical as it allows for the all-important feedback in these medical devices.

Netzer Precision is a leader in high-performance encoders which are used for various industries. They manufacture ideal encoders for medical applications, but they are not limited to just one industry. With their patented technology called the Electric Encoder which was invented by its founder, it has several advantages which include generous mounting tolerances, a simple, robust structure, dual and triple redundancy options, and a high tolerance to condensation and contaminants.

Although there are standard type models that are readily available, there are provisions for encoder customization based on customer requirements. You can fill up a PQ request form, which will be discussed by their technical team as soon as they receive it. They will get back to you to give feedback as soon as possible.

To get a price quote request, just type in your name, job title, company, office phone, mobile, e-mail, and address. Then, choose from a product list. There are currently nine high-performance encoders to choose from. The website has a contact form if you wish to get more information. You may also call Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd at telephone number +972-4-999-0420. For those who prefer to send an email, here are their email addresses: or