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There is a wide variety of sensors used in robotics. These sensors are used for measuring different things depending on the sensing principles that they are operating on. They gather data from their surroundings. They are also used in different applications. Position sensors in particular are used in aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical applications. Specific examples of these applications are injection molding machines, medical equipments, fly-by-wire aircraft systems, packaging machines, and so forth and so on.

Position sensors are sensors used for measuring the position of a joint. They measure the distance that is travelled by the body beginning from its reference point. Position sensors in robotics are used to sense and control the arm position. Position sensors can be found in different devices but are commonly used in encoders, potentiometers, and resolvers.

An encoder is a feedback device which converts mechanical motion into electronic signals. The most commonly used, rotary encoders, output digital pulses corresponding  to incremental angular motion or absolute position via serial interface. (Optical , Magnetic , Inductive , Capacitive)

There are different classifications of encoders but the most common are: rotary encoders, linear encoders, incremental encoders, and absolute encoders. These encoders are classified according to the form that they follow, ie. Linear encoders are used to measure the direction and positions in the linear form.

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors uses an innovative position sensing technology for its encoders. It offers an electric encoder that has combined features of optical and magnetic encoders. Its electric encoder non-contact technology depends on the interplay between the measured movement and an electric field that is modulated by space/time. The products available at Netzer Precision Motion Sensors are ring encoders, shaft encoders, and linear encoders.

Using electric encoders from Netzer Precision Motion Sensors gives you the following advantages: simple and sturdy build with a no-failure-mechanism, generous mounting tolerances, low power consumption, ultra high speed options, rotation range of over 360°, high tolerance when it comes to contaminants and condensation.

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