All about High Resolution Shaft Encoders

There are equipment and machinery that need a direct encoding of the rotation of a shaft. A low profile high-resolution shaft encoder is used in various industrial, medical, and manufacturing applications. Shaft encoders usually monitor human input. Human workers typically use a lot of knobs to control a wide variety of machinery, and these can be computed as volume or frequency.

There are also shaft position encoders that must be built to withstand extreme environmental conditions; so therefore, it should have a robust mechanical design. Most shaft encoders work with a variety of motors. A shaft encoder sensor can either be an incremental or absolute, depending on its application.

When it comes to robust, high-precision and high-resolution shaft encoder sensor, Netzer Precision provides standard or customized encoders with certain advantages provided by its revolutionary technology, the Electric Encoder.

The non-contact technology provided by the Electric Encoder, a trademarked design by Netzer Precision founder Mr. Yishay Netzer, relies on the contact between the displacement that’s measured and a modulated electric field. This results in a simple, robust structure that is durable and has dual and triple redundancy options. The reason behind this mechanical durability is the way it is designed – the entire area of the Electric Encoder generates signals, resulting in two powerful mechanisms working together.

One of the other unique features of the Electric Encoder technology is its robust construction and high tolerance to condensation and contaminants. It performs well under harsh conditions and survives shock and vibration.

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