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Encoders for Medical Applications

Absolute encoders are utilized to define the exact position or speed of an object; it usually has high overall resolution and accurate motion detection. These types of encoders are used medical imaging technologies in order to produce precise images of

Absolute Rotary Encoders: An Overview

Absolute rotary encoders are used in various industries in order to find out the speed or position of something. They determine position by using a static reference point. Whether these rotary encoders are magnetic or optical, they work the same

Absolute Position Sensors: What You Need to Know

Absolute position sensors are very different from incremental sensors. Many engineers claim that they have been using absolute position sensors when all the while what they have been using are incremental sensors. When you say incremental position sensor, it implies

Position and Motion Sensors

Position and motion sensors are currently used in many applications worldwide. Many companies and industries have been relying on this technology for several years now, and they have now become staples in many devices that are used in various industries.

All about High Resolution Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoders usually give back accurate information for both speed and distance for mechanical or electronic systems. High resolution incremental encoders usually improve the accuracy of the entire system. There are various resolutions available for rotary encoders. Incremental encoders usually

High-Precision Frameless Encoders

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high-precision, lightweight encoders using proprietary technology developed by the company founder. A frameless encoder is used in various applications. These high-resolution encoders use the latest innovation and

Robust Encoders Available

Robust encoders are manufactured for the explicit purpose of being use in harsher environments, where it calls for measuring systems that are highly-advanced and which provides precise feedback on speed and position. These are types of encoders that are so

Encoders for Vacuum Applications

For high-precision encoders especially meant for vacuum applications, check out the top-notch products manufactured by Netzer Precision Motion Sensors, Ltd. The company develops a broad range of encoders using their proprietary technology, adhering to 21st century systems. Netzer’s high-precision rotary

High-Precision Radar Encoders

For high-precision radar encoders, nothing beats the quality and durability of products made by Netzer Precision, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing revolutionary position sensing technology. Manufactured under stringent conditions, these high-performance electric encoders are created for the avionic,

High-Quality Low Profile Encoders

For high-quality low profile encoders that offer absolute and high precision, Netzer Precision features worldwide patented, rugged, high-performance products using the proprietary Electric Encoder technology, which was developed by their founder. This patented technology has several advantages. The company, which