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Encoders for Pedestals Explained

Some encoders are mounted on bearing pedestals. This requirement is based on its intended application. Encoders for pedestals work the same way as other encoders, but they are only mounted on a special manually-operated pedestal. In this type of set-up,

Low-Power Demand Encoder

Encoders are now widely used in a variety of industrial applications from the aviation industry, military industry, the field of medicine, manufacturing, and even in retail merchandising and amusement parks. Since encoders produce either incremental or absolute signals and should

Using Small Encoders

Encoders are utilized in various applications around the world. In simple terms, an encoder is defined as a sensor that gives feedback on direction, count, speed, or position. It may sound simplistic, but encoders are used in various industries that

An Overview of Absolute Shaft Encoders

Absolute encoders can have different mounting styles. Encoders that are mounted on a motor shaft give positioning feedback. Absolute shaft encoders work well in situations wherein there is a need for accuracy in both speed and position. An absolute rotary

All about High Resolution Shaft Encoders

There are equipment and machinery that need a direct encoding of the rotation of a shaft. A low profile high-resolution shaft encoder is used in various industrial, medical, and manufacturing applications. Shaft encoders usually monitor human input. Human workers typically

Encoders in Robotics: A Brief Introduction

Encoders are usually found in a lot of machinery. In robotics, an encoder is usually attached to the part where there is a need to measure a rotating object such as an arm or wheels. Position encoders in robotics are

Encoders that have High Tolerance to Different Environments

Encoders can either be used in precision industries where position and displacement are extremely crucial, or in extreme environments that have varying temperatures and environmental conditions. One feature that makes encoders extremely effective and durable is its tolerance to various

An Introduction to non-contact position sensors

Position encoders or position sensors are utilized to follow the path of the rotary position of a shaft or linear position of a load. They have diverse applications. Some of their major applications are in the field of medical equipment,

An Introduction to non-contact position sensors

Non-contact position sensors are used in many different ways, some even in unexpected ways. For instance, they are used in amusement parks, particularly rides that require rising and falling action. The rides usually move up and down on hydraulic cylinders

All about Contactless Encoders

A contactless rotary encoder is designed especially to meet the requirements of harsh operating conditions. Contactless encoders are applied in heavy-duty position sensing applications. They are usually applied in industries such as construction, utility vehicles, military, agriculture, marine operations and