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Hollow shaft incremental encoders

Why a Hollow Shaft Incremental Rotary Encoder is a Lot More Versatile Than Solid Shaft Encoders Hollow shaft encoders can be absolute or incremental. They come in different sizes and resolutions. They are easy to install,  and  unlike shafted encoders

Shaft Encoder

What’s the Use of a Hollow Shaft Encoder in Rotary Encoders? A rotary encoder works by mounting it to a motor using a shaft. An encoder would have a fixed housing that has a rotor wheel which is either detached

Absolute Sensory Threshold

What is an Absolute Sensor An absolute sensor is often mistaken as the same thing as a gauge sensor. If your project requires a rotary encoder sensor, you must be certain which correct angle measurement tool you need. This is

Electric Encoders

Vibration Tolerance Encoders and Shock Tolerance Encoders Explained Encoders are used in so many applications and environments. An environment that exposes your equipment to vibration and shock requires especially durable components. If you are using a measuring device, a pointing

High Resolution Rotary Encoder

Understanding Resolution in High Resolution Rotary Encoder To understand what encoder resolution is, it’s good to have a better understanding of encoder feedback. Encoder feedback is important to the performance of different automation applications. When it is specified properly, an

High Resolution Absolute Encoder Explained

Most industrial equipment or manufacturing machinery are computer-operated. They require accurate position and motion information to be used in control. Nowadays, even devices used by consumers require the same precision. So what are high resolution absolute encoders? Definition and Description

Netzer Precision Ltd. rotary encoders

Netzer Precision Ltd. rotary encoders Robonaut-2 is NASA space-qualified human like robot (humanoid) currently on board of the International Space Station (ISS). For the control of the arms and head of the robot the NASA design team was looking for

Electric Encoder

The Electric Encoder™ technology offers a variety of and position sensing devices by combining the advantages of optic and magnetic encoders, i.e., accuracy and absolute output. It also offers several variants, which are impossible to duplicate using magnetic and optic

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Netzer Precision Motion Sensors There is a wide variety of sensors used in robotics. These sensors are used for measuring different things depending on the sensing principles that they are operating on. They gather data from their surroundings. They are